Empowering Girl Bosses in Tech

Hey buds, it has been long since the previous update! We've been pretty busy with events while trying to come up with new and unique products!

Today's update is about Empowering Girl Bosses in Tech, a bootcamp that we participated in March. (Yes, we know, this post is wayy overdue!) This bootcamp was organised by Reyna Movement and Nimble Marketing Consultancy, together with the help of wonderful humans from SMU's Project Xingfu. Through this bootcamp, we were able to mentor young girls (some as young as 6 years old!) and impart basic entrepreneurship and floristry skills to them. At the end of the bootcamp, the girls were be able to set up their own booths to sell the products they have made.

Day 1: Meeting the Girl Bosses

Day 1 saw us meeting the girls for the first time. But first, we had the opportunity to introduce our brand and explained what we do on a day to day basis. With the help of Bella from Nimble, it was a really cozy and engaging session. We were able to discuss the reasons behind some of the things you see online!

Did you catch us on Project Xingfu's or Nimble's Instagram stories?

After our short sharing, we were finally able to meet the girls! They were all so eager and excited to find out what they were going to learn. We started them off by assigning roles for the team, deciding on the name of their business, and getting to know each other a little better. Profits from the final day of the carnival went to the beneficiary of their choice, which was the SPCA.

Day 2: Buds, assemble!

It was an early day for us as we had to prepare the buds and materials for the workshop!

The girls were taught basic skills, like arranging and wrapping the bouquets. Just like how its done here, we encouraged them to get creative and come up with their own designs! That way, each bouquet was definitely unique. It was not an easy feat to maneuver with their smaller hands but they persevered and weren't afraid to seek help from us mentors.

Getting ready for our big day! After wrapping all the bouquets (by the time we were done there were 2 big bags full!), we discussed ways that they could market and sell their products on the day of the carnival. They had even prepared their own webpage and their very own poster!

Day 3: Blue Roses Shop!

"Small but mighty."

Together with the other mentors, all the girls were able to set up and decorate their own booths. The booths were set up as part of the Art Market held at the National Musuem Singapore.

Facepainting, yummy vegan bakes, accessories, and more, it was a fun filled day with many to see and do!