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Grant A Wish XVI

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

"Adventure of a lifetime"

Last October, we had our last community project of the year with NUS's Students' Community Service Club - Grant a Wish (GAW) XVI .

The Wallflower Bud was part of GAW's Wish Adoption phase which was held in various faculties in NUS.

Prior to the Wish Adoption phase, the team worked with various beneficiaries to collect and adopt the wishes that the beneficiaries have, which is also known as the Wish Collection Phase. Following which, the Wish Adoption phase will take place to fulfill these wishes (also where The Wallflower Bud comes in!).

Various booths were set up around the campus for students and staff to adopt wishes of underprivileged children and the vulnerable elderly.

How does this work?

Students and staff will simply adopt a wish of the beneficiaries, shop for the gift, and return the gift to the team. The gifts would then be given to the beneficiaries in the later events.

As part of the Wish Adoption phase, The Wallflower Bud sponsored 200 stalks of gerberas as a form of appreciation to those who have adopted wishes.

These gerberas definitely brightened up our day!

And the best news we got:


Thank you to everyone who came down to support the Wish Adoption phase, it really warms our hearts to know that these small acts of service will definitely bring smiles to many.

Also thank you to NUS' Student Community Service Club for letting us be a part of such a meaningful project! Pictures credit to the team, they were also very nice to share with us snippets of the days' events. (Check out our highlights on our Instagram if you haven't!)

Keep Buddin',

The Wallflower Bud Team

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