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Christmas Workshops 2019

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Hi Buds, it has been some time since the last update. The holiday gifting season is here again! We’ve been kept really busy (thank you for your support as always!) and we hope you’ve been enjoying our holiday collection!

Today’s update will be on our Christmas Workshop, which we held on the Sunday before Christmas. Oh before we move on, let me quickly introduce myself. This is Grace and I just joined The Wallflower Bud team this December after leaving my corporate Marketing role. You could say I’m taking a sabbatical of sorts to pursue this dream career of mine!

Ok back to what you came for – our Christmas Workshop. It was held in a cozy craft room situated in Pearl’s Hill Terrace, an old British colonial building, formerly known as the old police head quarter. With the soft tunes of Christmas jazz playing in the background, it was definitely cozy and nostalgic while Christmas crafting. We had an early day setting up the studio and materials for the participants.

There were two sessions – wreath making in the morning and Christmas bouquet in the afternoon. I participated in the earlier session as I have not done a wreath before previously.

After a short introduction by the eight fellow Buds that joined the session, we started off the wreath making!

Step 1: The girls first taught us how to prep the flowers and foliage we were using that morning, as well as how to secure the items and what to look out for when arranging for a more “wild and rustic” look. The two hero flowers for the wreath were cotton as well as some fluffy hydrangeas. Oh, did I mention that our wreaths and bouquets feature our signature dried and preserved buds, which will definitely last beyond Christmas Day.

Step 2: Get creative! We wanted our participants to be able to customize their own wreaths so that every wreath was definitely unique. To help with that, we brought a selection of Hydrangeas ranging from bright burgundy to soft nude colours for their pick!

Step 3: Take photos! What’s crafting without some photos of the final product!

It was truly lovely to see everyone’s gorgeous wreaths and how each of the participant’s individuality really shone through in the final product.

We hope you had as much fun creating the wreaths as well as enjoying it in your homes or gifting them as gifts this holiday season. This Christmas workshop was actually the first big scale workshop that The Wallflower Bud embarked on, so it was slightly out of our comfort zone, but we are so thankful that you trusted us and spent your Christmas Sunday morning crafting with us.

It was also so heartening to have met and gotten to know some of our Buds during the two and a half hour session. It was nice putting a face to our customers, getting feedback and we were actually pleasantly surprised to find out that this session was actually a first for most of you in terms of crafting with flowers.

Thank you so much for helping to make our first workshop a huge success. The Wallflower Bud team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Till then.

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