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Jam N Hop 2018

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Jam N Hop is NUS Business School's beauty pageant and the closing event for matriculating freshmen. This year, The Wallflower Bud is proud to be a part of this annual event.

16 contestants, 16 bouquets and 2 more for the Biz King and Queen.

For this event, we decided to do away with the kraft paper that we normally use. As for the flowers, we picked bright and contrasting colours so that they would stand out on stage. Even though it was the end of summer break, we picked ferns as our choice of foliage to bring a more tropical vibe to the bouquets. There were 2 designs for the 16 bouquets. Should we recreate this for summer next year?

2 huge bouquets for the King and Queen - one of the largest ones we've done. Maybe we'll do something huge for Valentine's next year?

With 4 extra mini bouquets for the judges of the event, we had a total of 22 bouquets to transport to the event location. Really grateful for the help of friends!

Look ma, it's us! For those who went for the event, be sure to check out the little something we prepared in your goodie bag ;-)

It's time to give the bouquets to all the contestants who worked tirelessly to prepare for the event!

Bouquets proudly sponsored by The Wallflower Bud.

Congratulations to the winners, everyone looked stunning that night! Thank you to the team and everyone who worked hard to make this event possible. It has been a pleasure to be part of the event.

Now that we're almost done with events, it's time to prepare for our upcoming launches. Stay tuned for updates!

Keep Buddin',

The Wallflower Bud Team

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