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For those who wander the fields, our mini pots are back in happy colours! Comes in 5 pot colours, these arrangements are inspired by the vibrant summer festivities. Preserved buds will last for weeks and beyond if kept in good condition.


Select from 5 different pot colours!

- Blush Pink Pot: Features preserved blush pink austin roses, lilac austin roses, heather purple hydrangeas, pink-heart balloon stand, and more.

- Butter Yellow Pot: Features preserved space blue roses, butter yellow roses, blue sola flowers, honey yellow hydrangeas, blue-heart balloon stand, and more.

- Sky Blue Pot: Features preserved cherry pink roses, white zinnias, white hydrangeas, pink-heart balloon stand, and more.

- Cherry Red Pot: Features preserved mauve austin roses, coral zinnias, terracotta hydrangeas, pink-heart balloon stand, and more.

- Tea Green Pot: Features preserved butter yellow roses, yellow zinnias, light blue hydrangeas, blue-heart balloon stand, and more. 


Size: Each pot measures approximately 5 inches across flowers, 6 inches in height.


No preservatives added. The colour of the buds may fade naturally, depending on the environment. No water needed, keep dry. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Mini Pots - Carnival Edition

  • Do note that flowers are seasonal. Filler flowers might change, depending on availability. We will provide a close alternative in the event a certain flower type is unavailable. This does not affect the style and overall look-feel of the arrangment.

    As such, each bouquet and each flower is unique and will never be the same (just like you!).

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