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Appree is a stationery brand from Seoul, South Korea that aims to bring nature to our daily lives - and this is why we love them! 


Lavenders grow 30 to 60 cm in height in Southern Europe’s Mediterranean coast from June through September, and the light purplish flower hangs at the end of a long floral axis. Lavender is popularly cultivated and used as an essential oil for treating headaches and stabilizing nerves.

* This is not a real pressed flower, but a printed sticker made by editing the images of pressed flowers. The sticker is matte finished, giving it a natural look-feel when pasted onto your organizer or notebook.


Material: PET

Number of sheet: 1

Sheet size: 92 x 150(mm)


Item will be shipped within 3 working days of placing your order. 

Lavender | Appree Pressed Flower Sticker

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