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What buds should I get?

Many friends and customers have told us that they want to get a bouquet for a friend, but are not sure where to start. So here's our short guide on what we offer and hopefully some tips to help you make that decision without breaking the bank.

1. Fresh buds

The most obvious difference between our products - fresh or dried bouquets? Our fresh flowers are hand picked every day to ensure the best quality. Fresh flowers offer the widest variety for us to choose from and allows us to play with different textures. Some are light and fluffy like hydrangeas or peonies, while some others offer a little more textured and rough look, like proteas or waxflowers.

Fresh buds provide us with the most versatile colour palettes as well. Our mixed flower bouquets contain a variety of buds, put together in an organic and free manner. To ensure they last for a longer time, stems should be trimmed and fresh water should be changed daily.

Pros: Largest variety of flowers, colours, and styles, easily customisable

Cons: More expensive than market buds, not everlasting

2. Market buds

Market buds - only your favourite type of buds. This is a popular option for those who know exactly what type of flowers their loved ones adore. Our top picks from this collection are bundle of tulips as well as a recent favourite, bundle of hydrangeas. We love this collection for its simplicity as it reflects what we stand for. We started this collection as we felt that flowers don't necessarily have to be complemented with other flowers to look their best - Sometimes, beauty lies in simplicity. Market buds are also more affordable compared to mixed flower bouquets.

Pros: More affordable, allows a single type of flower to stand out

Cons: Less vibrant than mixed flower bouquets, not everlasting

3. Dried/Preserved buds

Our long time favourites since the beginning of our bud journey! We were so excited when we were featured on The Smart Local's page for a simple dried buds arrangement. This was also when we just started as a small business. Since then, we've been continuously trying to experiment and bring you better arrangements!