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To our mums,

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

After months of planning, we made the decision to have our official launch just in time for Mother's Day 2018. (We decided to give Valentine's a miss, but we made lots of bouquets for our friends as well!)

The stars of this set of pictures were Yongying's grandmother and Vernice's mother (!!) Yes, we started the company with a pretty tight budget, so we decided to just have fun and make things work! The team is really REALLY grateful for the help of friends and family :)

For mother's day we decided to go with 2 simple styles- one classic, and one modern, which will appeal to mums who have different tastes :)

We'll let the pictures do the talking.

Does anyone remember playing under grandma's sewing machine? /oops/

The Elderberry bouquet features pink carnations, complemented by a different shade of pink tulips and softer pastel orange hues. A simple combination that is sweet and delicate.

The Young at Heart bouquet features red carnations, contrasted with hints of orange, blue and purple. This bouquet packs a punch and is sure to brighten your day.

The team has had slight mishaps here and there during the process of preparing for our launch, but we learn along the way :) We're really happy to see the smiles on your faces and of your mums' too!

This post/lookbook is dedicated to our mums, who have helped us along the way and gave us feedback and encouragement when we needed them. After all, mums know what's best for us ;)

Keep buddin',

The Wallflower Bud Team

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