Welcome to The Wallflower Bud!

By purchasing any of our buds or by engaging any of our services, you agree to abide to the following store policies as listed.

Do also note that our store policy might change as we continue developing and providing the best buds, so do keep yourself updated with this page from time to time.

Every bud is unique

We want our buds to look like they were freshly put together in your backyard.

As such, each bouquet and each flower is unique and will never be the same (just like you!).

Do note that flowers are seasonal. Some flowers might change, depending on availability. We will provide a close colour/style alternative if a type of flower is unavailable. Please allow for slight discrepancies between the flower arrangement and the pictures as the flowers are purchase everyday will look different from each other. 

Keeping your buds fresh

All fresh flower bouquets are wrapped with water covering the stems to keep your buds hydrated. Please keep your bouquets upright to prevent any possible spillage. Flowers are handpicked and fresh everyday.

To ensure that your buds last for a longer period of time, remove the wrappers and place bouquet in a vase of fresh water. Snip off an inch of the stems and change your water daily. Lightly mist the flowers and do not over water the flower faces. 


Are you allergic to any flowers?

The Wallflower Bud will not be responsible for any allergy/health issues from the purchase of our buds. Customers are responsible for ensuring that the recipient is not allergic to pollen or any types of flowers.

How do you guys obtain your dried flowers? Do they contain pollen then?

Our dried buds are dried naturally from fresh flowers. Hence, we are unable to guarantee the complete absence of pollen.

Do enquire if you are interested in purchasing artificial buds for your arrangement. 

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property and content on this site belongs to The Wallflower Bud. You are not to use any content for commercial purposes. You may only use content for personal or non-commercial purposes, and credit the content to The Wallflower Bud.

Ordering & Payment methods

Given the nature of our online store, orders have to be made 2 days in advance. We may not be able to complete orders by your preferred date if orders are not placed at least 2 days in advance. In the event that our slots are full, a notice will be placed at the top of our page. Orders made will be rescheduled accordingly.

When ordering on our website, you will receive a confirmation email when your order is received. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please ensure you have completed all the steps to checkout your basket. 

Discount codes are to be applied on the checkout page. We will not be able to provide discounts once the purchase and order has been confirmed.


We accept credit/debit card payments (via Stripe).

Please refer to our Delivery tab for more details on delivery timings.

I don't want the buds anymore

Do note that store credits will only be provided for cancellations made 48 hours in advance. There will be no refunds or store credits provided for last minute cancellations. All orders should be placed at least 2 days in advance. 

Any changes in collection or delivery dates have to be made 2 days in advance at no additional cost. Customers will have to re-order their bouquet if there are last minute changes in collection or delivery dates and their previous order will not be refunded.

Customers are responsible for checking the flowers upon receiving them. There will not be any refunds made after the customer has received the flowers.

Updated 9 Oct 2020.